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Policy-Join as for Radart Prime Exhibitions / Radart HOME Page Exhibitions 


Who is an Artist?

      A person who make the painting himself/herself and wants to sell it.


Features & Benefits for Radart Prime Exhibitor(RPE): The Most cost effective and UNIQUE way to Exhibit yourself ONLINE-

  • Your contact no. is displayed in front of each artwork.
  • Buyers contact Prime exhibitors directly for orders and enquiry. 
  • Their is '0' Zero Commission on Sales from Prime Exhibitiors. 
  • Get added publicity, promotions, and benefits.
  • Get Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ pages on your Radart Webpage. Media and Radart Circle PROMO advantage. 
  • Promote your Artwork/Art Institute/ Hobby Classes in your local city or Town with the HELP of Radart. 
  • Be a Permenant member of Radart. 
  • Benefit os major offers launched by Radart from Time to time. 
  • Secured payment gateway by PayUmoney.
  • Be a part of innovation and high creative enviornment, Be a Radart Prime Exhibitor. 

Make your Webpage- Your Own Complete Art Home for LIFE - UNIQUE and the BEST..!!

Few Milestones achieved at Radart in just 9 months:

  1. The Only Website in India for Artists that Integrate THE COMPLETE PROFILE with Experience of Artists, E-commerce platform upto 850 artworks, Youtube channel for VDO's, Direct Facebook Links, Twitter Handle, Google+account and Instagram - ON A SINGLE WEB PAGE AT LOWEST COSTS. 
  2. In just 9 months we have reached upto 120+ artists across india with 3000+ artworks.
  3. Radart coverage in India is 52 cities and 18 states. 
  4. Fastest Rate of Artists coming to Radart website. Everyday is nearly 35 New artists enquiries.
  5. Visitors have increased to 75000 as per google analytics. 
  6. Launched All India Art Competitions for Artists and Students as well.
  7. Radart Facebook group with 4700 artists.

Joining Process & Guidelines:

          ¨         Joining can be done online or offline.

          ¨         Application has to be submitted with all details duly filled in, along with the respective payment details.

          ¨         Declaration has to duly signed given in the application form.

          ¨         Incomplete form in any nature will be treated as rejected, which need to be resubmitted after correction for the commencement for further procedures.

          ¨         Application will be checked, examined and processed by our scholars.

          ¨         Radart reserves the right to accept or reject the application form without stating any reasons.

          ¨         In case of rejection of application, the amount paid towards the Joining will be completely refunded.

          ¨         On successful acceptance of application, the Painting Upload form duly filled has to send along with each painting.

          ¨         Painting upload form available online and offline as well.

          ¨         All paintings which are found correct are uploaded with exact details, after final approval from our scholars.  Uploading is done by Tech Team of Radart.

Sale Procedure at Radart for Radart Prime Exhibitors:

  • IF the customer contacts directly to Prime Exhibitors for artwork sale as the point of contact is given than whole resposibility lies with the Prime Exhibitor to finish the Sale.
  • If the Cutomer make a purchase than the amount is directed towards the Artist whose artwork is purchased with due communication with both, buyer & seller.
  • Radart takes up no responsibility of any kind. 

Sale Procedure at Radart (Only in the case of FREE Exhibitors):

          ¨         Once the sale is done, customer support team will get in touch with Artist  immediately to procure the painting.

          ¨         Painting shall reach us in rolled canvas form.(Recommended)

          ¨         On receiving the painting, it is examined from all aspects and packed for shipping to the customer.

          ¨         Customer on satisfactory receiving of the paintings enjoys 10 days of “Return Policy” period.

          ¨         After the “Return Policy” period is over, sale is said to be complete and then we credit the sale share amount to Artist  account, after deducting our share% of commission.

          ¨         Throughout tracking is being managed between customer, Artist  and Radart through emails and call over updates. Whereas, shipment is primarily being tracked through the tracking system of agencies.


Commission, Charges & Sale Amount Credit:


          ¨         Radart Prime Exhibitor - Charges are '0' only on sale and all enquiries are passed on to Prime Exhibitor and can be managed by them personnaly.

          -          For Free Artists exhibiton - Charges on sale is 35%. All customers will be managed by Radart. 

Charges for being Radart Prime Exhibitor-

          ¨         Prime Exhibiton Charges for 1 year is Rs. 1499., 3 year is 3999., 5 year is 5999. For HOME Page Exhibitions charges for 7 days is Rs. 999, 15 days is Rs. 1899, 30 days is Rs. 2999. 

          ¨         All other Charges relating to taxes, shipment to customer, packaging and others functional expenses related to website, promotion, marketing, customer support, tech support and sales, is done by Radart.

Sale Amount Credit-

          ¨         We credit your sale amount of the sale done within 10-15 days, after the “RETURN POLICY” period of 10 days is over.


Few Important Points:

          ¨         We request Artist  to please inform us about their painting being sold from different means or platforms, as than we have to remove it immediately from our portal. It’s important because it leaves a very bad image and puts Radart in an embarrassing situation, when we have to say NO to our privileged customers.

          ¨         Artist can upload up to 10-15 paintings. To upload more paintings please contact customer care team to know the process.




Important FAQ’s:

  1. What is the minimum age for joining?

o   There are no criteria. If you can paint, you can sell.

  1. Why is the difference in membership amounts of Artist and Seller?

o   Yes, a lot of opportunities come along in for Artist, such as invitations to competitions, exhibitions, state/national/international platform to showcase the talents, that is why there is the difference.

  1. What is the process for joining and payment of membership fees?

o    This link will take you up the joining and payment process.

  1. What is the process for uploading pictures of paintings?

o   You have to fill up information sheet for every painting and send it across to us on mail. Once your paintings get approved, than only they are uploaded by us or else we send them back to you.

  1. What kind of art work I can sell on Radart?

o   ONLY 100% Original Hand Made Paintings.

  1. Who fix the price of painting?

o   The pricing is fixed by you, but you have to be completely aware that we will deduct our commission from the sale.

  1. What all charges does Artist/Seller bear?

o   Only Commission that we take. Nothing Else.

  1. What if I have all my paintings in Framed State?

o   Than we charge 35% on every framed paintings Sale from you, as the cost of shipment to the customer increases significantly.

  1. How many paintings can be uploaded?

o   There is no restriction as such, but we prefer than a minimum of 10 best paintings should be there.

  1. Can I sell paintings on different platforms?

o   Yes, why not. You can sell anywhere.

  1. What if my paintings got sold from different online platform or website or personally?

o   Please make sure to inform us about your painting being sold from different means, as we will have to remove it immediately from our portal. It’s important because it leave a bad image and embarrassing situation when we have to say NO to our privileged customers.


Termination of Joining:

Termination by Radart-

          ¨         If paintings uploaded or sold are not original.

          ¨         If paintings are sold on different platform, but not informed to Radart which leads to embarrassing situation in front of our valued customers.

          ¨         Any improper behavior from Artist / Seller.

          ¨         If paintings uploaded are actually not available with Artist / seller.

          ¨         If painting is sold and artist / seller does not deliver the same to Radart with in a time from of 10 days maximum, without citing any reason.

          ¨         Nonpayment of Joining renewal charges on due dates.

          ¨         No amount/money will be refunded, pending from sale or any Joining charges.

Termination by Artist-

          ¨         Artist  have full right to leave Radart at any point of time without stating any reasons. All the paintings will be removed, on a request made to Radart in writing or on email. Call over is not sufficient for termination.

          ¨         No amount/money will be refunded, pending from sale or any Joining charges.


Contact US:

At any point, please feel free to call us at: Direct(+91 774 889 9557)  OR  +91 777-1-880033 & +91 777-2-880033

Email us at for any query.