Mona Sharma. Exhibition{See Here}

Artist Mona Sharma:

             Since childhood i had keen intrest in sketcing . And with the time it became my passion However due to studies demanding more time in higher standards i almost gave up on my art practice But after my schooling i started painting and sketching on a regular basis . For one of my sketch i was rewarded by the collector of our city . I had won many awards in my college completions . Over time i had practiced several mediums such as pencil, colour pencil , water colour, acrylic , oil paint , mix media , glass painting , other type of ceramic works and paper crafts .
My favourite style is 3d drawing , portraits & mix media artworks .
I like to show positive n negative aspects of life in my artwoks. I also conduct drawing classes n i have experience of teaching drawing in school . Colours and lord krishna is my life.

Radart Wishes you all the very Best !!

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title - eye Medium - water colour Size - A3 size paper
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Size - 20"×24" inch. Medium -Arylic on canvas
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size -14"×17" Medium oil paint Title - resting soul
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Size- 19"×24" Title - underwater journey Medium - oil paint
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