Shanno Jain. Exhibition:(see here)

Artist - Shanno Jain:

I am Shanno Jain from the city of ARTISTS `Indore’. My paintings exhibit a reflection of my experiences, surroundings and tradition. I have done paintings using different varieties of colours; however most of my paintings are in oil paint. My work has been guided and appreciated by many eminent artists of the country. They say that my artwork is a reflection of enthusiasm; innovation and tons of diligence. Being a student of FINE ARTS, my artwork got its wings like that of a bird for which sky is the limit.

One of my most applauded INNOVATION is the series of POSTAL STAMPS which I have created and this idea has been really appreciated. I have participated in various state and National level competitions; in which my work has been commended a lot. I have put lot of efforts in my work and I hope you praise it.

Radart wishes you all the very Best !!



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Size-17"*14" In. Medium-Acrylic Surface-Canvas
Rs 20000
Size 15”* 17”. Acrylic Colors.
Rs 5000
Size 13”* 17”. Acrylic Colors.
Rs 5000
Size 13”* 17”. Acrylic Colors.
Rs 5000
Size 13"*15" In. Medium-Oil, Surface-Canvas
Rs 20000
Size 12” * 14”. Oil Color.
Rs 2000
Size-13"*15" In. Medium-Oil, Surface-Canvas
Rs 25000
Size-13"*15" In. Medium-Acrylic+Oil, Surface-Canvas
Rs 12000
Size-10"*14" In. Medium-Acrylic, Surface-Canvas
Rs 15000