Soma Mitra. Exhibition:(see here)

Artist Soma Mitra:

         I practice a religion... The religion of Art.
Art has always been a sanctuary where I escape to from the monotony of Life. All my emotions take expressions on paper through my drawings and paintings.
Lack of a professional degree in the field of Art has hardly dampen my craving to become an artist. So much was the yearning that I locked away my MBA degree, gave up my banking job to pursue my passion.. Painting passion. Presently I am in a process of learning the various aspects of this Divine skill.. Concurrently, I try to share my limited knowledge with the art aspirants and work towords bringing out the artists in them through my Art classes.
I like experimenting with various mediums , though the uniqueness of watecolor enchants me most.

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Acrylic on canvas. Size 18" * 24"
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Watercolor on paper. Size 11" * 15""
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Watercolor on paper. Size 14" * 21"
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Watercolor on paper. Size 14" * 20"
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