Subir Das. Exhibition:(see here)

Artist Subir Das:

               For me, passion means art. That’s my qualification as an artist. Since early life I had been playing with paints and paper. I don’t have a degree from Art College but I don’t need it either, because degree is not needed to cherish the rendezvous with hues and shades. Being born amid the lush green countryside of West Bengal, I had been brought up side by side with plants, trees, flowers and birds. I am inseparable from the whims of nature. My paintings mainly revolve around the wonders of this nature in which I live. My art works are sometimes influenced by the nineteenth century tradition of Art Nouveau as well as later styles of the surrealists. Apart from that, I have a penchant for classical realistic art.
By profession I am a known figure in the field of jewellery designing in India. During the stint of past 20 years as a designer, leading publishers of the country commissioned me to do several catalogues of the designer jewelleries. My creations are adored by the large corporates as well as famous Bollywood stars. These days I render my services to several leading brands in jewelry industry.

Radart Wishes you all the very Best !!

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category:Contemporary, Size:15-12 inches, Medium:Mix-media on black paper.
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